Month: February 2013

Life Long Learner – February 13, 2013

Last Monday and Tuesday I had the privilege of attending an education conference in San Jose, put on by an outstanding organization called The New Teacher Center. The goal of the conference was to inform Principals and Mentors about best practices with regard to working with teachers who beginning their careers in the classroom. I attended six 90 minute sessions and listened to 4 speeches from some of the leading figures in education today.

At the event, some of the topics I was exposed to were: equity in the classroom, effective classroom management, common core standards, the relationship between anxiety and math instruction and building a positive school culture. The whole experience was inspirational and invigorating. Being in the presence of 700 people who deeply care about quality education was a moving experience. If you want to know more about what I learned, stop in to my new office (yay!) and I will be glad to share what I learned with you.

Relationship Building (with pie!) – February 13, 2013

Something really great happened last week and I want to tell you about it. Since September we have been trying to get the Beechwood Executive Board and the Parent Advisory Board together for a discussion. With busy schedules and a few unexpected interruptions/distractions, it took a few months to make it happen but we were persistent and we finally pulled it off. It was, in my opinion, a great night.