Month: June 2013

Constructive Summer – June 5, 2013

As we wind down the final days of a most memorable year at Beechwood, we look forward to summer and all it brings: long days, warm nights and a chance to slow down and enjoy life a little more.

Here are some things I am looking forward to this summer:

  1. The start of the construction project that will bring us our new school. The Menlo Park Planning Commission will meet June 10th. If they approve our plans, we will break ground on the project on June 25th. Phase one will be the digging of a trench that runs the length of the property. Once this hole is dug, all the utilities (plumbing, electricity, etc.) will be dropped into the trench. My fingers are crossed. And my toes!
  2. Swimming at Bellehaven pool. The pool looks great and I am hoping to spend some time getting back in shape by swimming at lunchtime. I know that the summer school kids are excited as well, for their weekly lessons and free swims. I hope that Beechwood parents will get in the water as well. Remember, if you don’t know how to swim, you can take lessons at the pool and we will give you Parent Ed credit!
  3. New faces at Beechwood School. We will welcome 10 new Kindergartners this summer, to be with Ms. K for 8 weeks. It’s always great to see how excited they are and how appreciative the parents are to have the opportunity to attend Beechwood. If you see a new face this summer, be sure to introduce yourself and welcome our new students and families.
  4. Working with my daughter. My older daughter Emily, who just finished her Freshman year at Colorado University will be a teacher’s aide at Beechwood this summer. She loves working with kids and did a great job as a volunteer last summer. Perhaps another teacher in the Laurance Family? That remains to be seen. Either way it will be great to be with her and watch her contribute to our community.
  5. Playing golf with my buddies. Each year, in July, I organize a golf tournament in the Reno/Truckee area for 24 players. My friends and I have been doing this for 25 years now and it is something I look forward to with great anticipation. In addition to the fun times, we raise money for the school and that feels good too.
  6. Spending time with family. It’s been quite a year for all of us who work at the school. When we are dealing with the type of challenges that we faced because of the September fire, we have to step up our effort to get through the tough times. In doing so, we are less available to those we love most dearly. I am looking forward to putting more energy into my relationships with my wife, daughters and brothers and sisters. My sister who lives in Minnesota is coming to California for a month and that will be a time for all of us to be together and enjoy each other’s company.

I hope your summer will be positive and constructive. Yes, we still must go to our jobs and deal with the inevitable stress that comes with raising children and trying to make ends meet. But don’t forget to appreciate all that is good in our lives and all that is great about summer time.

– Mr. Laurance