Month: February 2014

Looking Ahead – February 12, 2014

Oh my goodness. It is already February. Where has the time gone? Time to look ahead and plan for some important events that are rapidly approaching.

March and April: “The Big Move” (Part I). The last day of school before our extended Spring Break is March 26th. The next day will be the first in a series of moving days/parent workdays. We need as many parents as possible to come and help us with the move on Thursday, March 27, Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29. Please call the office and sign up as soon as possible. All of the furniture, equipment and materials from Grades 1-8 will need to be moved from their current classrooms to the new campus. 5th-8th grades will be moving into their new classrooms, the other grades and the school administration will be moving to temporary spaces as follows:

1st grade-New Computer lab
2nd Grade-New Library
3rd grade-New Science Lab
4th grade-New PE room
School Office-New House at 243 Terminal

After these three moving days, teachers and students will be on break from March 31st through April 6th. April 7, 8 and 9 will be classroom set up/decoration days for teachers and an extended break for students. We may need parent help on these days as well. We will all be in our new places for the reopening of school on April 10th.

During April-August the rest of the new campus will be built. At the end of August the 1st-4th graders will move from their temporary spaces into their new classrooms. This will be another opportunity for you to help.

May: Re-enrollment. During the first week of May, parents will be able to re-enroll for the new school year. In order to be eligible for re-enrollment a number of conditions need to be met (please plan accordingly):

• Volunteer Hours completed
• Parent Education completed
• Tuition payments are current
• Family is acting on any other requests that have been made by the school
• Student is in good standing academically and behaviorally

June-August: Summer School. For K-4, it will be business as usual in the year round program. For 5th-8th graders you need to know that Beechwood will not have summer school available this year. Here are some options to start thinking about:

• Peninsula Bridge: in addition to those returning from the previous summer, some additional students will be admitted to the program based on space made available by Peninsula Bridge and recommendations from Beechwood teachers.
• Ms. Langford’s Art Camp: Our Art teacher Ms. Langford offers an affordable art camp during the summer. You can make a request to join this program by emailing her or leaving a note in the office.
• Bayshore Christian Ministries has a low-cost summer program. Contact them at
• GirlVentures presented to all 5th-8th grade girls today. Ask your daughter or come see me if you want to know more about this excellent outdoor summer program for girls, or check them out at

The most important thing to remember is that your child should have something educational, fun and stimulating planned for the Summer months so that they come back to school in August ready to succeed at the next level.

There are exciting times ahead. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about any of what I have shared with you today. It is always my great pleasure to talk with you and to support you any way I can.

-Mr. Laurance