2023 Hispanic Heritage Month

Staff and students collaborated on projects and activities to showcase various Latin American traditions: 

• Alebrije making (K)
• Various Dances (1st)
• Colombian arepa making (2nd)
• Latinx Poetry Quilt (3rd)
• History of masa & tortilla making (4th)
• Biographies of Artists (5th)
• Learning how to play Loteria (7th)
• Folktale storytelling (8th)
• Teaching how to make pinatas (MS Spanish)

Cascada de Flores: La Bruja y La Sirena 

These multi-talented artists use traditional music, storytelling and dance to weave cultural lessons into bilingual and participatory programs which are highly praised for being heartwarming, humorous and engaging for all ages and backgrounds.

They performed their new story “El Brujo y la Sirena” – The Wizard & the Mermaid: A creative story about the sea, with music from different parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, songs in Spanish, English, Mayan K’iche’ & Portuguese!