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The Spanish program is designed for all 5th-8th grade students at Beechwood School.

The organization of the class takes into consideration the level of Spanish language that each student has. For that reason, during the school year, the classes have been organized respecting the skills and level that students have which give confidence to students who feel that the class and its possibilities to learn are effective . These groups are called:

Heritage Spanish Students

Heritage Spanish Students are students who have been exposed to Spanish in their homes or communities from a young age. As a result, they can understand and interact in Spanish in a familiar context. However, they have a lack of exposure to the academic level of Spanish because English has been their first language since they began their studies. As a result, English is their dominant language. In this context, they need to systematically reinforce some Spanish language skills, especially reading and writing at more advanced academic levels to be fully bilingual in both languages.

Learner Spanish Students

Learner Spanish Students are students who have had little opportunities or never been exposed to Spanish in their homes or communities from a young age. This requires a curriculum that focuses on the basics and gives the fundamental orientation to increase the difficulties throughout the learning process.

In all classes, students have available digital and paper resources that promote reading, writing, speaking & listening, and creating connections with the cultural components that the Spanish speaking culture has. Also, inside of the curriculum, the Spanish language is used to approach the multicultural school community as a tool that can embrace the power to create, interact and communicate the richest possibilities to increase and value different points of view. Students during the class, read, sing, draw, make drama, write essays, study grammar, and extend vocabulary through projects that give a real context to learn.