Bruno Lopez… The Man! – June 8, 2011

I love coming to Beechwood every day. Each morning, upon arrival, I am greeted by green lawns, beautiful healthy trees, colorful flowers and the great guy who makes it look that way: Mr. Bruno Lopez. It would be hard to find a more virtuous person than our Bruno. His job title is maintenance man but he is so much more than that.

He is Mr. Reliable. First to arrive each morning and last to leave every night, Mr. Lopez completes each task that he is assigned and never needs to be reminded of what needs to be done. You can count on Bruno to do the job and do it right.

Bruno is genuinely generous. One of my favorite things he does, is when he gets a paleta for himself, he always buys 10 more to share with staff. He is always thinking of others and is very giving of his time.

He is Prince of Patience. As he is doing his work around campus, Bruno is constantly interrupted by students who want to use his tools or by staff members who want him to work on another job. Bruno is never too busy to share a smile with the kids or to listen to the request of a teacher.

Bruno is persistent. Earlier this year we had a nasty leak in the building five bathroom that was making one of the classrooms hard to teach in. It took 3 days but Bruno stayed after that leak, found it and fixed it. A lesser person would surely have given up and called a plumber but not Mr. Lopez.

Mr. Lopez is creative. Many problems present themselves in maintaining our campus. I am frequently impressed with the solutions that Bruno comes up with. Rather than waiting to be told how to do something, Bruno takes the initiative and figures it out himself.

Mr. Lopez is multi-talented: gardener, carpenter, carne asada master, driver, mover, mower, father, husband and friend. He does so many things and he does them all well.

These are just a few of the qualities that embody one of the finest men that I know: Mr. Bruno Lopez. Thank you Bruno, for all you do.

-Mr. Laurance