Finishing Strong – April 17, 2013

A check of the calendar shows that today is April 17th. Less than 40 school days remain in the year. How did that happen? Where did the year go?

If you are anything like me, a combination of fatigue and the anticipation of summer can make it tough to stay motivated in these final months. I will try my hardest to keep giving my best for this community and I hope you will too. Here are some practical suggestions for “finishing strong”.

  1. Please come to our Parent Diversity Discussion facilitated by Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center on Thursday, April 25th. I am hoping that we will have 100% attendance as we share experiences and feelings about race and ethnicity. Parent Ed credit will be offered and translation services will be provided. This is an opportunity for us to become a stronger, closer community and we need your participation.
  2. Be proactive about completing your requirements for re-enrollment. 12 hours of parent education, 10 hours of volunteer time, 3 all-school events and attendance at 2 parent advisory meetings are needed in order for your child to return next year. Remember also to stay current with tuition payments.
  3. Check to see that you are doing all you can to help your child succeed in school by: feeding them nutritious food, limiting screen time, and making sure that they are getting plenty of sleep.
  4. Find time to recognize your child for the things that they have accomplished this year. I find that children appreciate praise that is very specific. Rather than something general like, “You are doing a great job”, try to find that one thing that your child did that was difficult for them and praise them for that. Something like this: “I know that you struggled with reading earlier this year but I have seen you working so hard at improving. I am amazed at your progress.”
  5. Make it a point to show appreciation for a staff member at Beechwood. Again, specific praise will go a long way to keeping us motivated as we endeavor to help your children be the best student and person they can be.
  6. Mark your calendar for the International Food Fair (May 18th) and our Moving Up ceremony on June 6th. These are times for us to come together and celebrate the beauty of Beechwood.

Happy Springtime!

-Mr. Laurance