The Ambassador – June 1, 2016

This will be my last message for this year. There are so many things I could write about, as it has been an incredibly eventful year! It was a good year to be sure, but not one without sadness, especially with the departure of more than a few of our beloved staff members.

And so for this final Principal’s message, I would like to pay tribute to the man who has published this newsletter so capably for the last 13 years: the great Eric Getter.

Since Eric often works behind the scenes, many of you may not know what an important part of the Beechwood community he has been. From my perspective, he has been a dream to work with. He is extremely dedicated and has high standards for his work. If you ask him to do something, he will do it well. If he does not know how to do something, he will figure it out. The guy is amazing.

He has done a terrific job with our library! Even when it was across the street in the duplex he always did his best to keep the selection of books fresh and to tailor the catalog to the tastes of the students. He was always enthusiastic, animated and fun when reading to our little ones. In spite of all the computers, tablets and phones that are available to our students, kids at Beechwood still love to read. Mr. Getter deserves much of the credit for that.

Eric’s greatest contribution though, is his ability to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Whether he is hosting a visiting school, giving a tour to a new volunteer, communicating with a Reading Buddy or helping a parent with their volunteer hours, Eric has a way with people that is extraordinary. In many ways, with his engaging smile and easy-going manner, he is our Ambassador. He represents our school in the larger community with professionalism, grace and friendliness. When people work with Eric they fall in love with Beechwood and often ask, “What more can I do to help?”

Here’s a quote from one of our Reading Buddies:
It has been a great pleasure getting to know Eric over the last three years. His leadership of the Reading Buddies and Tutoring Programs was exemplary. Ever cheerful, Eric is one of those fortunate people that maintain a youthful enthusiasm, despite the “slings and arrows” of daily life. He will be missed by all of us, but will most certainly continue to contribute to his new community in the Carolinas. Good luck, Eric. We’ll miss you! —Fritz M. Geibel

Eric’s departure will certainly be a loss for our community, but for me personally it goes deeper than that. The truth is that I am sad because my friend is moving away. I will miss our rich conversations and the trivial ones as well. I will miss going to see our favorite bands together and his tremendous sense of humor. I just love this guy and it will be hard not seeing him on a regular basis. But that’s life, right? Joy and sadness and everything in between.

And so, safe travels to you Mr. Getter. You are without a doubt a Beechwood legend.
You are: The Ambassador.

– Mr. Laurance