This Year – June 10, 2009

I am a Beechwood student. This year I saw…
• My parents helping at the Back to School Picnic
• A bear at Yosemite
• Brave classmates performing at the Talent Show
• Alumni returning to say thank you to their teachers
• Student council raising awareness about the environment
• Beechwood babies! Babies, babies, babies!
• Teachers playing Frisbee with the students
• My classmates on the big screen at a baseball game
• An African-American president inaugurated

I am a Beechwood student. This year I heard…
• My teacher sing a song about “Peace, Love and Happiness”
• Scary screams at Fright Night
• Outstanding public speaking at “Speak Out Beechwood”
• All about the world of work at Career Day
• The Beechwood School song sung with enthusiasm
• Beautiful singing at the Holiday show
• A golf club hitting a golf ball
• Encouraging words from my teacher

I am a Beechwood student. This year I smelled…
• Squid frying
• Indian Food and Carne Asada at the International Food Fair
• Mr. Lopez’s beautiful blossoms welcoming spring
• Fresh sawdust while building a playhouse
• Chinese food in Chinatown
• Redwood trees on a forest trail
• Freshly picked cilantro grown in the Beechwood garden

I am a Beechwood student. This year I felt…
• An 8th grader’s hand in mine, leading me to the Thanksgiving feast
• The wind in my face kayaking to Angel Island
• The texture of snake skin when Python Ron came
• Proud when I remembered my lines at the class play
• Appreciated by my Reading Buddy
• Breathless after running the mile
• The love of a special community

-Mr. Laurance